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VAS 6292 Wheel Alignment System

Hunter Self-Centering Wheel Adaptors

Exclusive Easy to Use Features Provide Greater Versatility and Extra Durability

1. Extended range fits 10 inch to 24.5 inch (254 mm to 622 mm) rims.

2. Reversible adaptor rim studs provide adaptability for steel rims or specialty rims with Run-Flat and Flange-Guard tires.

3. Quick-Knob provides fast adjustment of the adaptorís range, allowing it to fit various rim sizes.

4. Adaptorís unique design is able to accommodate a wide variety of wheel configurations and sizes. Simply insert the rim studs into the appropriate slot according to the rim-size range needed.

5. Durable Lock-Knob is easy to access and securely locks the target to the wheel adaptor.

6. Lightweight, non-flexing adaptors are designed to provide rigidity and stability, yet are easy to handle.

7. Reinforced machined aluminum castings and hard-chromed support rods resist damage and corrosion.


Recommended Wheel Adaptor Options

20-1789-1 External Tire Clamp Adaptor shown with Self-Centering Wheel Adaptor
Clamps effectively fasten wheel adaptors on tires with an outside dimension of 21 inch (533 mm) to 40 inch (1016 mm). Grips onto tire treads and protects alloy wheels from damage.

20-1792-1 Self-Centering Wheel Adaptor Extensions
Extensions increase the Self-Centering Wheel Adaptorís maximum rim range from 24.5 inch (622 mm) to 28 inch (711 mm). (Kit 20-1792-1 contains 16 pieces, 4 for each adaptor.)

Patented Alignment Targets remain centered while the technician clamps the adaptor to the rim.
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